Coming and Going!

That’s where I am meeting myself lately! It has been a busy busy several months. And I LOVE it. But it does get overwhelming at times. I have started a little business venture, I am going back to school, Tobi is in Karate and T-Ball (where did my baby go?! *sob*), and all that is on top of what felt like an already packed schedule.

I enjoy all the things we are doing, and I feel like they are all things God wants us to do in this season of our life. But I know for myself and other moms out there, we sometimes measure our success or value by how busy we are. We create situations for ourselves in which we are in demand. Or we load ourselves down with meeting everyone else’s needs and expectations. Like unless we are run ragged, we aren’t doing enough.

It is definitely a balancing act for me. Am I doing everything I am doing because it is good for me and my family and those around us? Or am I doing it to give myself worth? The reasons can flip flop day to day; so on the days when I see myself being prideful about our busy life, or the days when I am feeling overwhelmed by it all, I try to refocus.

My value comes from being God’s creation, and His redeemed child. That is all. Not from me. Not from what I am doing, or not doing. When I refocus on that, I can live my life with a freedom. The things I do are good. But they don’t have to be done to perfection. I can sit and rest. I can play with my kids. I can stop and love instead of rush on past. I can live slowly in my chaotic days, because my worth is not contingent on myself.

Just sitting here, writing this, these truths wash over me. The peace I can have, when things are not peaceful is a gift. Something to hold on to fiercely. Thank you Jesus, for the value you have placed on me, and the rest you offer.



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