In the Everyday.


This subject comes up often for me.

I’m a realist with pessimistic tendencies. I promise, it’s a thing.

I don’t see the worst in everything, but I also don’t expect the best to always be handed to me. Now, before I go any further, I want to be clear about the difference between happiness and joy.

Happiness is the physical emotion of cheerfulness, wellness, and delight.

Joy is the spiritual contentment that comes with knowing and trusting that Jesus is taking care of my every need.

Happy is not my default emotion. I would probably describe myself as “tepid.” Not hot, not cold. Somewhere in the middle. I’m not happy, I’m not mad, or sad. I’m just here. I’m fine.

This wasn’t a big deal before I was married and had kids, but now it seems crucial.  Do I want happy children? A welcoming home? My family’s emotions feed off of me. So if I want a happy home, that starts with me. This is a huge responsibility. It’s intimidating. And, for someone with my personality, slightly stressful. I have to be happy all the time? That is so much work! Well, no. Not all the time. I’m not talking about going around with a smile plastered to my face. Or about those times that my heart is broken; when I have to solely rely on that joy to get me through. I am talking about in the everyday. In the ordinary, mundane, routine, unexciting, inconvenient everyday.

And since “happy” doesn’t just come naturally, I have to be intentional about it.

Some practical ways I am finding happiness:

  1. Time with Jesus. {I’m not calling it quiet time because, you know…kids.}
  2. Intentionally hugging and playing with my kids.
  3. Having sweet, late night talks with my husband.
  4. Flirting with said husband ;  )
  5. Watching or reading something that I know will make me laugh, everyday.
  6. Keeping a gratitude journal. Being thankful for the obvious and obscure.
  7. Filling a need or want for someone.
  8. Looking at beautiful pictures of food or places.
  9. Taking a shower to reset myself when I’m in a bad mood.
  10. Self-care: Doing what is good for my body, what makes me feel pretty, what satisfies my creative drive, what makes me feel accomplished and at peace.

It’s a process. It’s a lesson I have had to learn and re-learn. And I will lose my way now and again, but I will continue to practice happiness for myself and my home.

I want to be a woman who brings happiness with me wherever I go.



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