Butter Bean: Delivery


Remember how I said that my two pregnancies were the same, almost to the day? Well…turns out I was right. Both my boys were born on October 3rd! How crazy is that?


The Hospital was so packed full of babies that they bumped my inducement date 4 different times. By the 4th time I was a bawling mess. My husband called up to the hospital and a room magically opened up for me (Thanks, Hubby!) But it just happened to be Tobi’s birthday. At that point, I wasn’t going to argue. I was so miserable.

God blessed us with an easy delivery. (I only pushed for 6 minutes.) And my boys are exactly 15 minutes short of 3 years. : ) October 3rd will obviously be a huge blow out day every year!

My Sweet little Dex is absolutely perfect. Steven I would just stare at him in awe. The overwhelming love that swept over me will always be one of my favorite memories. My boys are my world.





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