Happy 2017!!!!
Okay, I’m a little late (but really, what did you expect?) I am so glad that 2016 is over. I gained a baby, a house, a mom-mobile, (and about 15 lb.) but MAN, it was a stressful year.
Recently I have had several conversations with different women about 2017, and there seems to be a common theme of “refocusing and rebuilding.” That is definitely where my heart is at. My word that keeps coming up for this year is “Cultivate.”
Steven and I want to use 2017 to cultivate our home into a place of peace. This has so many parts and individual goals that come with it – from organizing our physical house and finishing some home improvement projects, to reaching a place of more financial stability, to strengthening our spiritual life and relationships.

I’m excited but also a little overwhelmed. One thing that I have been praying ¬†about is that I will be able to balance these goals with motivation and grace! That is so difficult for me, but I am very excited to start this new year!


And…here is me and my hubby having fun.




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