Oh how things have changed…

It has been a while since I have posted anything because our life got totally CRAZY! That seems to happen pretty often for us, but this was even more than usual. WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! We found, placed an offer, closed, and moved in within 27 days! Whew.┬áJust writing that sentence stressed me out. On top of that, we have had our normal youth/church activities, company come to stay with us, VBS, and youth camp coming up in Oklahoma. The heat alone is making things more difficult ( it was 111 degrees here yesterday.) And I’m about to start our 3rd trimester for this little Butter Bean. I’m sorry. I’ll stop complaining.

Back to the house – It’s perfect. We have been so blessed with this amazing place. I can’t wait to get it all arranged and take pictures. But with baby on the way, that may take a few months…er..years. In the meantime, it’s great just the way it is.

Thank you, Jesus. I love your provisions!



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