Butter Bean: Pregnancy

I’ve been meaning to write about this pregnancy for…well about 27 weeks now! But time flies and so does my thought process.

We found out we were expecting on January 29th. We had been trying for another and so obviously we were thrilled! We were also a little nervous. With our first son, Tobi A.K.A. Bump, I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum (which is basically where you constantly puke until you die from dehydration. It’s morning sickness on steroids.) I was in and out of the hospital a lot and it was very difficult on me and everyone around me. We were hoping this pregnancy would be different, but unfortunately it was almost exactly the same. The time line of these two pregnancies are almost the exact same to the day. Bump was due on October 7th and was induced on October 3rd. Bean is due on October 4th but will (hopefully) be induced on September 28th.

We battled H.G. for 15 weeks. I was hospitalized 4 times and was eventually given a Zofran pump, which made life a little more bearable. We made it past that hard part, alive and well, only because of my amazing doctors, my family, and God’s grace. My husband was AMAZING. And we could NOT have made it through with out the help of my mom and mother-in-law who selflessly took care of me and Tobi.

We moved on from the sickness to the second trimester and found out that little Butter Bean is a BOY, Declan Reed! Yes, we did think we wanted a little girl, but I’m VERY excited about having two boys. I don’t do well with little girls anyway…too much hair to brush : )

The second trimester has gone so fast because we have been extremely busy (summer activities, camp, vbs, moving, company…I could go on!) But besides the stress that comes with it, I am glad the weeks are passing fast. I am ready to hold our little Dex.

We aren’t expecting any complications with our labor and delivery (though most people aren’t.) We are praying it all goes smoothly and comes out okay :  )

Soon I will have the nursery together and will be writing about my nesting adventures!

The next 12 weeks are going to fly!




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