Credit Card Cutting

Last week my hubby and I got a huge surprise! For almost a year we have been trying to claw our way out of credit card debt. This is something that I know most American’s deal with. It’s a sickness on it’s own, even besides the anxiety and stress that comes with it. While our debt was not nearly as much as the average adult, it was still emotionally and financially overwhelming for us. After doing our income taxes this year, we were positive we would have to pay in. But NO! God graciously blessed us with a return. A return big enough to cover all but $65 of our debt! I found that $65 in our budget, and last Wednesday we paid off all our debt!

As a celebration, Steven and I decided to use our last log from winter to burn our credit cards. We made popcorn and found a bottle of sparkling grape juice (my FAVORITE) from valentines that had not been drank because I was in the hospital. So we made a night of it – cuddling and talking about what was next for our family now that this burden was gone.

We are so excited to see what is next for us and so grateful that God answered our prayers and blessed us so much!

Isn’t he adorable??



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