the greatest gift.

Steven and I have been through a lot of betrayal in the 4 short years we have been together. People who were supposed to be our biggest supporters have turned into sad memories of disappointment and hurt. Those who we considered our close friends have often not stayed close or friendly. Add our multiple burns to the fact that we are not the most social people and it becomes pretty amazing that we have any friends at all.

Recently we went out with some people that we are only acquaintances with. Normally, I can find almost anything to talk about to keep a conversation going. (I am an introvert but I can be a social butterfly if the setting calls for it. High five to all the INFJs out there!) But this particular evening in question I could not find one topic that I and these other people had in common. NOT ONE. (I couldn’t even find a movie we both had seen.)

It was after this encounter that I began to really evaluate the friendships I do have. There are not many, but they are meaningful! I have a grand total of 5 friends here in this city. 2 of those are sisters, and 2 I have grown up with. I love them dearly. But there is one who has stood out to me as one of my greatest gifts. We moved from our last home with a lot of anxiety weighing on us. We had many scars and open wounds that still needed healing. We moved into a tiny apartment and began trying to find our place here in Lubbock. Two months later, a couple moved into the apartment above us. We began chatting and eventually spent an evening together. I like to think of them as our soul-mate couple. They have become some of our favorite people! Our interests, our passions, our priorities are all so similar!

After our uncomfortable evening with our acquaintances, I realized just how rare it was to find people like our neighbors! Our kind of people. They are rare. They are special. They are truly a gift orchestrated by God, Himself. I could not have hand picked better people in this whole city to live by and be friends with. But God knew that.

I’m so blessed to have people in my life who truly care about us. Who go out of their way to share in true friendship. I would trade one thousand acquaintances for one true friend.  I am so glad that we didn’t let bad experience taint our view of friendship. I am so glad we were given another chance to have friends like this. Friends that are our greatest gift.



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