4.23.16 – the reality

My father sent me a picture of an elephant seal he saw today. He and I are kindred spirits. The seal and me. not my dad…you weirdo. 

It was an unsuccessful morning of garage sale shopping, in which I did not acquire my 3 useless items, or my must have trinket I had my heart set on. (Though I don’t know what it was, it would have been amazing.) I did however get to tote around a hula-hoop my son just had to have (and was given to him because they didn’t want to break my $20 for 10 cents.)

Then I came home and stared at my yarn for approximately 4 hours. I did not nap, but I do believe I was in a trance like state. I don’t remember what happened during most of the afternoon.

And then for my lovely and cozy dinner that I made for my amazing Husband who works so hard for us…

He made me popcorn. Yay for dinner!

So all in all, it was a good Saturday for embracing my elephant seal spirit.


~ Dani




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