To start with…

My husband says I need this. So does my soul. I’ve lost myself lately. My identity has become solely that of wife, and mother. And I love those pieces of me! Truly, they are some of my best parts. But they are not all of me. There are different layers of my being that have been rearranged and pushed to the back of my heart, because they simply don’t fit our lives right now. I don’t have the time or energy to deal with my many passions. The eggs need frying, the noses need wiping, the booboo’s need kissing, the (piles of) laundry need folding, and so the stories go unwritten, the songs go unsung, and my cup of coffee (I have reheated 4 times today) grows stale.

This little corner of the internet, is mine. For me. To find me, again. To nurture and explore the pieces of myself that I have not looked at in a long time. To find new passions, or dwell on old ones. To start loving the simple things. To be the woman I long to be. To take small moments to feel big things. To love who I am, whoever she may be.



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